Why National Institute

Because Your Career Success is Our Priority

Getting prepared for a new career is an important step in your life. Providing a great education and enabling students to pursue the career of their dreams is a responsibility we take seriously. Book a tour of the college today and see for yourself what National Institute can offer you.

Top 9 Reasons to Choose National Institute

  • Career Success. Since 2005, graduates of our health and beauty programs have an employment rate of over 90%!
  • Expert Instructors. The instructors at National Institute all have real-world experience, are experts in their field, and are extremely dedicated to your career success.
  • Friendly Staff. All the staff are looking for your best interest. Get answers to your questions through free career consultation, complimentary class, or tour of our campus.
  • Financing Options. There are a number of financial aid options available to National Institute students. For more information visit Financial Aid.
  • Practical Hands-on Training. Students get to practice with real people in our clinic and use practical tools like wigs and mannequins. Master your trade with both theoretical and hands-on training!
  • Small Class Sizes. You get the attention you need, and one-on-one discussions with the instructors, leading to improved success in the classroom.
  • Modern Technology. Get access to state-of-the-art equipment, top-of-the-line training kits, and custom editions of books designed to optimize your learning. Great tools lead to great success!
  • Job Search Assistance. Graduates of National Institute will have career help before and after graduation. Find gainful employment through job search assistance, industry partners, and (in some cases) practicums built into the course.
  • Community. National Institute is an inclusive, friendly, and multicultural environment. Every student from any background, age, and experience level will feel welcomed and safe in our school.