Brazilian Waxing Certificate

Duration2 Days
PrerequisitesPrior knowledge & experience with waxing.
Personal interview to determine eligibility.
Must be fluent in English.
Campus LocationBrampton, ON

Brazilian Waxing Certificate Course Overview

The Brazilian Waxing Certificate Course is designed to advance your career in Aesthetics, Spa Therapy, or Waxing. Students are required to have some previous knowledge and experience with waxing. To begin a new career in Aesthetics or Spa Therapy, take a look at the Advanced Aesthetics Diploma.

If you require knowledge and experience with general body waxing, you can take the Waxing Certificate Course.

Get ready to learn through equal parts theory and practical training! You will learn this specialized waxing technique for both male and female clients. A model is required for the duration of the course so that students may practice with a person. Course availability may vary, please inquire for details.

Prospective students are reminded that we have a zero-tolerance policy regarding inappropriate behaviour. You must be capable of learning in a mature manner and conducting yourself professionally.

Skills and topics that will be covered during the Brazilian Waxing Certificate course include:

  • Brazilian Waxing Procedures & Methods
  • Skin Theory, Diseases, & Disorders
  • Pubic Hair Types & Stages of Growth
  • Brazilian Waxing for Male & Female Clients
  • Treating Ingrown Hair
  • Pre and Post Treatment Care
  • Sterilization & Hygiene Procedures
  • Ethics
Woman In Spa Getting Ready for Brazilian Waxing

“An institute par excellence. They groom students for a bright and successful career. Diligent faculty. The staff of the school is very efficient and knowledgeable.”
– Sarbjit Multani

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Brazilian Waxing Career Path

Brazilian Waxing is a method of hair removal from a client’s pubic area. Your clients will appreciate your expert knowledge, specialized technique, and confidentiality. The brazilian wax product will bond and harden to the hairs in the application area. It is then removed along with the hair, effectively removing hair directly from its root. Treatment is more effective than shaving and can last 3 to 5 weeks.

This certificate will serve as an attractive add-on for anyone looking to advance their career in Aesthetics, Spa Therapy, Waxing, or the Beauty industry.

Some of the workplaces you could use your new skills include:

  • Spas
  • Health Clinics (Medical, Beauty, Skin, Holistic)
  • Theatre, Film, and Fashion
  • Resorts & Cruise Lines
  • In Your Own Clinic or Spa
  • And More…

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