Hot Stone Massage

Duration2 Days
PrerequisitesPersonal interview to determine eligibility.
Must be fluent in english.
Campus LocationBrampton, ON

Hot Stone Massage Certificate Course Overview

The Hot Stone Massage Certificate Course is designed to advance your career in Massage Therapy or career in healthcare. If you require massage therapy certification or foundational knowledge, take a look at the Massage Therapy Diploma.

Get ready to learn through equal parts theory and hands-on training! You will learn all about hot stone massage through lectures and practice on real people.

Hot Stone Massage is a popular massage therapy technique that promotes pain relief, healing, and energy alignment. You will utilize hot stones to heat your clients body, relax muscles & stress, and promote body waste removal. The stones calmly bring your patient into a parasympathetic state and improves general blood circulation through vasodilation.

Skills and topics that you will learn during this course include:

  • History of Stone Usage & Application
  • Benefits of Hot Stone Massage
  • Physiological Effects of Stone Usage
  • Stone Placements
  • Stone Massage Techniques
  • Contraindications
  • Introduction to Chakras and Energy Centres
  • Self Preparation
  • Room and Equipment Preparation
  • Equipment, Safety, & Hygiene
Hot Stone Massage at National Institute

“An institute par excellence. They groom students for bright and successful careers. Diligent faculty. The staff of the school is very efficient and knowledgeable.”
– Sarbjit Multani

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Hot Stone Massage Career Path

This certification will serve as an attractive add-on for anyone looking to advance their career in the Massage Therapy or Healthcare industry. Some of the different places you may be able to work at include:

  • Massage Therapy Clinics
  • Spas
  • Holistic Health Clinics
  • Resorts & Cruise Lines
  • In Your Own Clinic or Spa
  • And More…

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