When considering the options in becoming a valuable member of a healthcare team, an often overlooked position with much growth potential is the Personal Support Worker. It takes a great deal of dedication, a specific education, and excellent interpersonal skills to be successful as a Personal Support Worker. Here are some points on what it takes:

What is a PSW?
A personal support worker provides long or short term care to patients as companions and personal aides to those who cannot provide for themselves.

What is needed to become a PSW?
A diploma or a certificate in a PSW program is required. Standards for the course were developed by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care in Ontario and the Ontario Community Support Association.

What are some of the detailed tasks a PSW may be expected to conduct?
There is a long list of duties a PSW may have to complete based on the facility in which they are employed and the needs of their individual patients. This list covers most of the duties, but more may be required based on the patient assigned:

  • Personal hygiene and dressing
  • Assisting in patient mobility
  • Home management such as laundry, cleaning and grocery shopping
  • Child care
  • Attending recreational or social activities
  • Mechanical lifts and transfers
  •  Checking and recording vitals
  • Assisting in the teaching of life skills
  • Rehabilitative and range of motion assistance
  • Oxygen therapies
  • Supportive care worker for hospices and palliative care
  • Records and documents procedures

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