Henna/Tattoo Design


Learn to provide a service that is increasingly in-demand!


Learn to provide a service that is increasing in demand!

Henna (otherwise known as Mehndi) is an ancient Indian art of applying temporary tattoos to one’s hands and feet on special cultural occasions. Other uses include body art on arms, back, and legs as well as dying nails and hair. Today, henna has become a popular tattoo in the western world, creating a great demand for the art of henna design.

The henna tattoo comes from a natural paste derived from leaves of the henna plant. Dry henna leaves are mixed with essential oils to make the paste which is then transferred into a cone and applied to the body through the tip of the cone. The designs vary from basic, small tattoos such as a flower, to more intricate designs such as the ones shown below. You will learn how the complexity of the design determines the length of the application; the degree of darkness of the henna colour depends on the henna leaves used, and how to allow for body temperature based on the choice of body part for application.

The course involves various application techniques including coning and stencils. Students learn thorough product knowledge, the procedure of making the henna paste, cone creation, and practicing design and application skills. The course also teaches students how to perform client consultations, pre & post procedure care, corrective methods, and body tattoo designs.


  • Personal interview to determine program suitability
  • Fluency in English
  • Duration: 5 days