Enhance your skills portfolio through the Manicure course!


National Institute’s comprehensive Manicure course goes beyond teaching the skills needed to perform hand and nail treatments. This course will give you an understanding of the anatomy and physiology of the hands, as well as, nail diseases and disorders.

Practical applications include:

  • Sterilization & Sanitation
  • Nail Shapes
  • Nail Cosmetics
  • Nail Mending/Repairs
  • French Manicure, American Manicure and Spa Manicure
  • Polish Application
  • Massage of hands and arms
  • Paraffin treatments
  • Spa hand treatments

Whether you are looking to work at a spa or thinking of starting your own business, the Manicure certificate will serve as an attractive add-on for a potential client or an employer.


  • Personal interview to determine program suitability
  • Fluency in English
  • Duration: 2 days