Skin Care


This skin care course gives you a thorough foundation in one of the most important areas of Aesthetics!


National Institute’s comprehensive Skin Care course will give you a thorough foundation in one of the most important areas of aesthetics. In this program you will study the anatomy and physiology of the body, dermatology, skin types and conditions, nutrition, sanitation and sterilization. Throughout the course you will learn how to differentiate skin types and corresponding treatments.

Practical applications include:

  • Various facial treatments using advanced aesthetics equipment
  • Variety of facials designed for different skin types including basic facial and mini facial
  • Massage techniques to address different skin conditions
  • Relaxation massage for face, neck and body
  • Different mask therapy
  • Extractions and exfoliations including scrubs
  • Client consultation and record keeping

Set your Career Path:

Whether you are looking to work at a spa or thinking of starting your own business, the skin care certificate will serve as an attractive add-on for a potential client or an employer.


  • Personal interview to determine program suitability
  • Fluency in English
  • Duration: 2 weeks