Mature/Adult Students


National Institute awards scholarships to mature/adult students who satisfy selection criterion!

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Scholarship recipients are identified and awarded by the Institute. Scholarships are tentative, pending the student’s acceptance for admission to the college and commencement of study. If accepted, the scholarship will be credited to the student’s tuition, generally in equal disbursements during their program duration, in accordance with the Institute’s scholarship award policy. Students should talk with the Admissions Coordinator to determine when their scholarship will be applied.


  • Adult students pursuing continuing education or second career having minimum average of 80% in most recent program
  • Enrolling in Full Time Diploma program

Scholarship Information:

Program – Massage Therapy Diploma, Cosmetology Diploma

  • Number of scholarships per year – 2
  • Amount – $1500.00 each
  • Application deadline – July 31

Program – Hair Styling Diploma, Advanced Aesthetics Diploma

  • Number of scholarships per year – 6
  • Amount – $1000.00 each
  • Application deadline – July 31

Program – Medical Aesthetics Certificates, Electrolysis Diploma

  • Number of scholarships per year – 8
  • Amount – $500.00 each
  • Application deadline – July 31

Scholarship application process:

  • Email or Call us at 905 463 2006 to get application form or Apply online
  • Fill out the application form and attach following:
  1. Your most recent resume
  2. Copy of your most recent transcript
  3. Two references
  4. A letter addressed to the School Director explaining why you should be considered for the scholarship
  5. A recommendation letter from current or previous employer
  6. Two photo IDs
  • Call us at 905 463 2006 or email for scheduling an appointment with Admissions Director for submission of above documents and personal interview
  • The decision on your application will be conveyed to you before August 30 via phone or email

For more details, please read the Institute’s Scholarship Policy, fill out our Request Info form or Call us at 905 463 2006.

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